Missed Opportunity – Dead Batteries


The past couple weeks have been filled with typical spring maintenance and inventory checks for all our trail camera equipment. We started reminiscing on our old photos and came across a series of pictures that provides the ultimate explanation as to why battery life is so important. This particular location is a small timbered bench where elk often […]

Elk Instead of Bear

Spring bear season is well underway, and we finally found a window of opportunity last weekend to get out and explore some ground. We drew our tags for the coast range this year and have had difficulty finding time to get out in it. We were a little disappointed in terms of bear sign and […]

Spring is Here!


ZMA has recently teamed up with Horn Hunter, a large competitor in the sportsman’s outdoor products industry. Horn Hunter produces a wide variety of gear ranging from optic harnesses to quivers to packs of all shapes and sizes. We are now using their packs to assist us in transporting our equipment both comfortably and efficiently. […]

Equipment Maintenance

Vector Arrow Group

The past few weeks have been relatively uneventful and rather crammed with much needed equipment maintenance and bow testing. This year we have made it our goal to put our shooting ability up in front of all our off season training. We have been focusing on locating a bow that has a longer axle to […]

Savage Camp

We have recently started a weekend “camp” entitled “SAVAGE CAMP” put on by a friend of ours (fellow bow hunter) Travis Smith. Travis is a devout personal trainer, and he is combining his knowledge in training with his passion for the outdoors. SAVAGE CAMP consists of circuit training and shooting exercises that focus on core […]

Turkey Season Approaching

With spring turkey season just around the corner, we thought the video of Alex’s 2011 archery turkey hunt would be appropriate to reminisce upon. This was an exciting hunt that brought with it the challenges of calling a mature tom into a decoy/blind setup! Watch as Alex arrows this bird at ten yards… Enjoy!

February TC Photos

It is officially the “slow” time of year in the woods so we have tried to position ourselves to stay busy with cameras and scouting in order to maximize our success during hunting season. This helps us both stay in shape physically, and understand better the animals we hunt. A recent camera check resulted in […]

Bow Testing

Its that time of year when all the bow manufacturers come out with there new line of bows. We have been itching to shoot the new Hoyt Vector Turbo and the Bowtech Insanity CPXL. We are really interested in going to a 35″ axle-to-axle to gain accuracy while still maintaining the speed of our shorter […]

First Horn Hunt of The Year

Horn hunting season is officially here! We hit the hills this weekend for a couple of hours in search of some elusive Blacktail sheds. We knew it was early but we wanted to check out a spot that normally produces for us. Alex found this nice 4-point shed after just 30 minutes of looking. A […]

Trail Cam Video

As 2012 kicks off, ZMA has taken large strides to reach the goals that have been set. In the new year ZMA is looking to bring more content to the hunting community through videos, trail camera’s and electronic media. Training and scouting are amongst the top priorities that will enable us to hunt harder in […]