A Dream Come True

A dream came true for me this year!!! Scouted our butts off this spring and summer and by 6:30 am opening morning this beautiful bull was on the ground!

We spotted this bull and his cows feeding in a unit just after light. We knew he was a stud, so we put our game faces on…. The wind was less than ideal, so it took us a bit to formulate our plan, but once we saw our opportunity we made short work of it. This bull was feeding about 150 yards behind his cows, alone. We saw the gap and took full advantage. The wind was blowing straight to the cows, who busted shortly after we dove down into the unit trying to position ourselves for a shot. He bugled when the cows started running and marched towards them. Our window of opportunity was slowly fading. We picked up our pace, and in plain sight, we ran at the cows through the 4 foot tall fire weed. We knew he wasn’t leaving the herd which made us not care what the cows would do at that point. Zac was directly behind me with the camera rolling and the Go-Pro on his head trying to capture what we have been dreaming about since we started filming our hunts…. 

We circled around a small knob in the unit 40 yards from this bulls path to his cows. With Zac to my left, he spotted him coming into the opening and tipped me off so I could draw early. I came to full draw and the bull walked into my line of sight. 38.4 yards, centered the peep, leveled my bubble and squeezed – WHACK! He took off towards the cows, who were still herded up in the unit. I could tell the arrow penetrated deep, although the shot seemed a little far forward. He made it about 90 yards and stopped to look back. I ranged him and started to draw for a second opportunity, but his back end started to wobble, head came back, and he slowly tipped over. The cows sprinted into the timber as he lay lifeless. Zac and I freaked out to say the least….. Just wait until you see the video, lol. 

Between all of our scouting, team work, and the good lord watching over us, we managed to arrow our biggest bull to date – ON FILM! Our video skills have come a long ways in the past 5 years, and Zac demonstrated that this particular morning…. So pumped!Als Bull  2014-2 Als Bull 2014-1 Als Bull 2014