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Last Tag Filled!!

Z Buck

We took this season down to the wire! Heading into the last weekend with a tag is always tough. The pressure builds throughout the late season, and with deer movement dropping off and clear skies rolling in it’s tough to find motivation… However, knowing you won’t have another Blacktail buck tag in your pocket for […]

Archery Blacktail

Zac Forked Horn Pass 2

It worked out perfectly for Alex to kill his muzzle-loader buck the day before archery season opened. This freed him up to follow me around while we chase the elusive blacktail. It’s been fun so far, we have hunted our butts off and have not had a great opportunity with a good buck yet. The past couple weeks […]

Muzzle-Loader Success!

Alex Buck - 3

Swamp Donkey Down!!! Not as large as a couple of the bucks we were after, but my 2014 Muzzle Loader season came to an end this morning shortly after daylight. We drove into an area that we’ve seen a lot of good bucks in the past, and started walking roads and glassing clear cuts. The […]

Blacktail Muzzle-Loader Hunt

Young Buck

Opening weekend of Alex’s muzzle-loader hunt was an exciting weekend for the not so great hunting weather that we had. We typically struggle to find deer moving in the cold, calm, sunny weather that we often times get stuck with in November. This weekend was an exception, we saw a total of 40 deer Saturday […]


Mike C Bull - 3

With yesterday being the end of the Oregon 2014 archery elk season the ZMA crew is looking back at one of the most memorable season’s we have ever had. It seems as if all the stars lined up perfectly for us this year, and with the camera’s rolling! I will say that this success was not […]

A Dream Come True

Als Bull  2014-2

A dream came true for me this year!!! Scouted our butts off this spring and summer and by 6:30 am opening morning this beautiful bull was on the ground!We spotted this bull and his cows feeding in a unit just after light. We knew he was a stud, so we put our game faces on…. […]

More Velvet Bulls/Bear


We got a chance this week to check our velvet bull camera. Not as much action this time but still some nice bulls that we are hoping will stick around for August 30th! For some reason this camera started giving us blurry pictures of the horns… not like the horns are that important to see… […]